Acrow story

In 2017, Acrow Misr established a new subsidiary under the name of Acrow Building Products (ABP), specialized in manufacturing polymer composite boards. Acrow Building Products (ABP) is the first polymer composite manufacturer in Egypt and the Middle East with an annual production capacity of 540,000m2. We produce a variety of products with superior characteristics that we believe will revolutionize several industries in the region.

We aim to increase effectiveness and efficiency, in an environmentally friendly way enabling value engineering to fulfill dreams of development in the construction industry, without depending on imported materials.

We aim to maintain market leadership through a devoted management, sourcing raw material supplies and performing continuous research and development for our products.

Our outlook is to revolutionize the construction industry by constantly looking for innovations that allow us to achieve the best results. History has shown that progress is through dreaming of achieving the impossible and risk taking. We aim to provide the construction industry with less expensive solutions that perform better for much longer and has positive environmental benefits, allowing for increased productivity without compromising on quality.

Our Mission

Providing evolutionary construction products to ensure our client’s success.

Our Vision

Proudly leading the regional market innovating smart construction products empowering our partners driving sustainable success

Our Core Values

Our company core values drive us as a team to maintain our brand integrity. We are proud to know every day our work in progress is part of a greater cause, to improve the quality of life, while being environmentally responsible.


We say the truth


We achieve success and keep it

Customer Focus

Its all about the customer


We embrace change and keep our commitments


We value diversity and treat everyone with respect

Passion to Win

Its your business run with it

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of our production team is “Our focus on maintaining our values is fundamental for our vision as a company and a reflection of our mission as a team ensuring our partners success by constantly enhancing our existing products and innovating new ones”.

Our production outlook is characterized by a flexible, adaptive and responsive approach; supported by the innovative efforts of our research and development team. The cooperative relationship between all our departments is enriched by the awareness that there is so much potential for our products and the sky is the limit. The emphasis of our outlook is manifested in viewing our clients’ challenges as our opportunities; continuously pushing boundaries by developing innovative products that exceed market expectations and become solutions for all lines of work in the construction industry.


Production is always working closely with R&D because we are constantly enhancing our products and innovating new ones, taking our client relationship to another level of cooperation.

Incorporating the latest technologies and capitalizing on digital management, our production team works beyond the boundaries of conventional production management. Production follows a rigorous work flow process based on a certified management quality system. Ensuring quality and timely delivery through efficient logistics ensures our clients can depend on us.
We believe safety always comes first! ABP’s production team is the back bone of our operation and quality products. Production is responsible for managing and overseeing all steps and addressing changing variables during the process of production that come with every project; and they always start with safety comes first!

Research & Development

The teamwork behind the seamless production of orders delivered to our valued customers is the result of integrating our departments using the latest technologies, focusing on our clients’ satisfaction by collaborating with them at the technical and executive levels, and customizing products and novel solutions.

R&D is constantly experimenting with formulas and new agents for our different mixes; enhancing the standards and maintaining quality. Our commitment to leadership is the drive behind our team developing several unique metrics for evaluations and protocols for conducting test after test, always keeping excellence on target. In collaboration with third eye parties for our testing controls, all records are shared and built upon transparency and collaboration via digitizing of all procedures.

R&D makes breakthroughs by sharing inhouse innovations and allowing external input to enrich the experiment; working alongside university professors and technical personnel from the clients side. R&D is the reason we believe developing custom made products and solutions could revolutionize certain industries like the furniture and furnishing manufacturing industry.


ISOCertified Quality Management

As per ISO 9001 : 2015 management system and in accordance with TUV NORD EGYPT procedures ABP has been certified with quality management system , maintaining our objectives and  providing quality in our products and services.

Made in EgyptMade in Egypt Quality Seal

We are delighted to be certified with “ Made in Egypt quality seal “ from the Industrial Modernisation Center for applying health and safety standards in our industrial facilities as well as applying modern management systems.

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