Impact Resistance
High Flexibility

Ideal for Slabs,
Walls & Columns

Buy Back Options
reaching up to 20%


Impact Resistance
High Flexibility

Ideal for Slabs,
Walls & Columns

Buy Back Options
reaching up to 20%

Product Benefits

Cost Effective
Local Manufacturing
Easy to install
Light Weight
Fire Retardant
Weather Resistant
Water Resistant
Easy to Clean
Insect Resistant
Green Product

Live Testing Footage

Demonstrating the FLEXA-BOARD™ Resistance to hight impact and its unique feature of flexibility used in mega projects for its high efficiency

Special client benefits

make our product unique and help save cost while upgrading the quality of finishing

Formwork striping

There is no need for release agent when stripping of formwork mold. ACROW-BOARD separates itself from dried concrete, leaving a clean and smooth surface.

Physical Performance

Good performance under impact, bending, moisture and fire.


Can be reused many times with superior characteristics compared to traditional plywood.


A green & eco-friendly product. ABP clients benefit from a buy back service by saving 20% from initial price when they replace used boards.

Site Requirement

No special tools or equipment needed when working with the ACROW-BOARD. Traditional temper tools, nails, saw hammer…etc. are used.


that cater to different requirements for each product
Cut to length

Our standard board size is: 122cm X 244cm. We can provide our clients with cut to length according to the required measurements, increasing efficiency and avoiding any waste.
Plasti Option

A unique add-on characteristic to the A-BAORD™. This unique property is tailored for our clients who are required to provide their customers with a rough finish concrete surface ready to paint without plastering.
Patterni Option

A unique add on option to FLEXA-BOARD™, this option is favorable in construction boards as it leaves the surface of the board with any textured pattern (wood grain or any pattern design that is required) that can be printed on the concrete surface during casting. This option has amazing finish varieties, increasing the possibilities of designs.

ACROW BOARD Attributes

Below is a comparison of the ACROW BOARD attributes with plywood and steel
Characteristic Acrow Board China plywood Brazil plywood Steel Forms
Fire Resistance Yes No No Yes
Retrievability 100% Recycled No No Yes
Water Absorption No Bibulous
Deformation Deformation Rust
Striping of Concrete Easy Medium Medium Hard
Use of Release Agent No Yes Yes Yes
Customizable Board Yes No No No
Corrosion (Acid, Alkali) Good Bad Bad Bad

FLEXA-BOARD™ Technical Data

Technical Properties
Dimensions: Variable as per Request Length: Up to 3300mm
Width: Up to 1250mm
Thickness: 5mm - up to 25mm
Standard Board Dimension 2440mm x 1220mm x 18mm
Tolerance (MM) Length, Width, ±1%, Thickness ±1mm
Density (GRM/CM²) 0.55 - 0.65
18mm Static Bending (KN) > 1.1
Modulus of Elasticity (MPA) > 1350
Vicat Softening Temperature C > 100
Charpy Impact Strength (KJ/M²) > 15.4
Alkali Resistance < 0.72% the surface is not effected & no observed deformation
Water Resistance Will not be effected by water, will not bugle or deform
Shore Hardness D > 75
Water Retention Rate Water Retention Rate < 1.5%
No. of Use:
please refer to user manual to get optimum use number
> 20 time in slabs, 30 times in walls / columns & 50 times in panels
Striping No Release agent needed
Fire Retardant Grade D2-C2(upon request)

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