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Is ACROW BOARD a substitute for Plywood?

Yes! ACROW BOARD is the smart replacement for Plywood.

Why is there great emphasis on handling the ACROW BOARD with care?

The most important advantage of ACROW BOARD is the reduction in cost with long life of the board when used for repetitive casting. That is why care is essential, to obtain this value.

Does ACROW BOARD provide the same function as Plywood in construction?

Yes! Even though it is a different more advanced product, ACROW BOARD provides exactly the same function as Plywood, for lower cost and with higher durability.

Does ACROW BOARD require special tools (nails, saws, etc)?

No! The same exact tools that are used with Plywood can be used with ACROW BOARD.

Does ACROW BOARD require extra stiffeners and support?

No! The same spacing and member arrangement are used with the ACROW BOARD. We also provide a structural analysis for clients (conditions apply). So there is no extra cost for materials or workmanship required during installation.

Is the ACROW BOARD expensive?

No! ACROW BOARD® provides high value at a very competitive price. ACROW BOARD is the most cost-effective product when compared with traditional Plywood, because it can be reused up to 25 times with the same consistent concrete quality.

What is the initial cost of the ACROW BOARD when compared to Plywood?

ACROW BOARD is the same price as imported Plywood, after deducting the buyback value from the board, on the long-run, Brazilian Plywood casts 8 times, while the ACROW BOARD® casts up to 25 times.

What is the buyback option for the ACROW BOARD, and what is the Barter option?

Because the ACROW BOARD is a recyclable product, we are able to offer our clients an 20% buyback option, and 20% for barter exchange with new boards. We repurchase or exchange used at any size, as long as they are free of debris and nails.

How do you measure the returned boards for the buyback or exchange if they are in little pieces.?

We purchase the returned materials or exchange them with new boards based on the weight, and we recycle them to produce a totally new ACROW BOARD.

Can the ACROW BOARD be curved?

YES! ABP is the pioneering company that innovated a very unique option, a curved board according to the required curvature.

Can the ACROW BOARD come in different colors and textures?

YES! We provide options for lamination and texture look and feel alike options.

Product Benefits

Cost Effective
Local Manufacturing
Easy to install
Light Weight
Fire Retardant
Weather Resistant
Water Resistant
Easy to Clean
Insect Resistant
Green Product

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