Baheya Hospital

After great success in the Pyramids district in Giza governorate, Baheya is a greatly appreciated medical care provider for Egyptian women facing the high risks of breast cancer. A new branch is under construction in West Cairo, designed to provide medical consultation, care and service for 550,000 patients.

Baheya Zayed Hospital in Sheikh Zayed, West Cairo

The project is constructed over an area of 27,000 square meters, providing medical rooms for treatment.

The project suffered delays due to shortages of wood, and after its experience with the high wastage of wood in the Rofayda Hospital, SIGMA contracting vitiated change after realizing the vast benefits of Acrow Board. Due to the unique nature of the project and to reduce waste a special size Flexa boards 122 Cm X 122 Cm was used for the slabs. These boards are easily handled by only one person, as the board only weighs 20kg. This reduced waste and increased efficiency. For the walls and couloms standard A-Boards where used.

Baheya Hospital
Type of product provided:
FLEXA 18mm thickness 122cm X 122cm, and A-Board 18mm Standard Size
Approximate number of casts used:
10 Casts + 3 in previous project as of July 2021
Waste percentage to date :
Waste per cast:

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