Islamic Complex

Egypt is a prominent and influential member of the Islamic world. With the new capital under construction, paving the future of Egypt as an influencer in the Islamic world AICS contracting was awarded the self-climbing formwork supply and execution.

The Misr Islamic Cultural Center, which is known as “Masjid Misr” is one of the most important institutions with integrated services in the first phase of the city, where the project is built on an area of ​​191 thousand meters.

The “Masjid Misr” contains 2 minarets, 140 meters above the surface of the plateau. Each minaret is composed of two circular shells the inner shell that houses the elevators, and the outer shell housing the external structure. The curved nature of the shells posed a logistical threat to the project, as curving wood is very complicated, and its rate of casts is very low, which meant a huge constraint on time and economics of the project.

Acrow CURVY board again provided the smart alternative, casting over 45 casts with minimal waste, and providing the requested curvature with exquisite high-quality finishes.

Highest Minerates in Africa
Type of product provided:
Curvy board special size and curvature 18mm
Approximate number of casts used for the 18mm Standard Boards:
45 as of July 2021
Waste percentage to date:
Waste per cast:

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