LRT Project

In line with Egypt’s continuing efforts at sustainable social and economic development, the 84km-long LRT Train project extends from El Salam to New Administrative Capital to 10th of Ramadan City covering 16 stations.

The Arab Contractors company is constructing three stations, including Adly Mansour, New Heliopolis, and El Roubiki, in addition to a bridge and tunnel in the New Administrative Capital.

This strategic project promises a bright future and ambitious nation. The Arab Contractors is one of the most highly recognized builders in the Middle East and Africa, and it has adopted the idea of the smart replacement for plywood in this strategic project, and specifically in the new administrative capital station.

Standard A-Boards were provided for this project to act as the formwork outer shell. The boards are used in a vast number of structural elements and have been cast on a record number of 112 casts, with zero waste, as with the support of ABP’s technical team any parts of the boards that were unfortunately damaged were repaired and reused in other smaller structural members. Seeing overwhelming evidence of the durability validates our confidence and commitment.

The Arab Contractors Company
Type of Product Used:
18mm Standard Boards
Approximate number of casts used for the 18mm standard boards:
34 Casts as of July 2021
Waste percentage to date:
Waste per cast:

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