Al Amal Bridge

Al-Amal Axis (also known as Shinzo Abe Axis) is a major national project implemented by Cairo governorate in cooperation with the Engineering Authority for the Armed Forces with the aim of completing the road network that facilitates the movement of citizens in order to link Nasr City and the Suez and Ring Roads.

The length of the Al-Wafa Corridor is 8 km, and it will connect these highways and reduce travel time and traffic congestion.

The need for high quality surface fair-faced concrete was dream that traditional wood failed to fulfill, requiring the use of formwork oil and special maintenance. Even when all the instructions were followed plywood boards couldn’t last more than 6 Casts.

Acrow A-board was the proposed alternative for the foundation and bridge piers. The results were spectacular, and the quality of the fair-faced concrete was a reflection of what Acrow A-Board can provide. The Main Contractor, EDECS El Dawlia, was so satisfied with its performance that it requested a special size panel for the precast deck girders to be used in the precast yard. Another solution was provided with 12mm A-Board 60cm X 300Cm for the formwork of the bottoms of the girders.

EDECS El Dawlia
Type of product provided:
A-Board standard 15mm for foundations, and 60cm X 300Cm 10mm A-Board for the precast elements
Approximate number of casts used for the 15mm Standard Boards:
17 Casts as of July 2021
Approximate number of casts used for the 10mm special size boards:
Not used yet
Waste percentage for 15mm Boards to date:
Waste per cast for 15mm Boards:

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