Rofaida Hospital

Located In Sheikh Zayed City in West Cairo, this new medical landmark is under construction over 15,000 square meters, with a built-up slab area of 43,000 square meters.

The hospital will provide residents of the area and Greater Cairo with a high caliber eye center and a maternity center, in additional to a clinic area. SIGMA contracting was awarded the concrete skeleton for the vast areas of slabs of the project. Throughout execution the project was consuming traditional timber ply like a grinder, and tight schedules and shortages of supply due to the logistical inconvenience of wood imports caused delays and impacted timely execution of the contract.

Acrow Flexa Board the smart replacement for wood has proven very effective as it is readily available and out lives any wood board, which make it the ideal solution for the project. The board’s ability to withstand impact, and its light weight was met with great appreciation from all those on site. The boards completed the last 6 casts, and were transported to Bahya hospital project with zero waste after 3 casts

SIGMA contracting
Type of product provided:
FLEXA 18mm thickness 122cm X 122cm
Approximate number of casts used as of July 2021:
3 Casts Boards where transported to Baheya Hospital to in excellent condition
Waste percentage to date:
Waste per cast:

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