Julius Nyerere Hydropower Project

On the waters of the Rufiji river, in a joint venture with The Arab Contractors of Egypt (Osman A. Osman & Co.), Elsewedy Electric has been entrusted by the people and government of Tanzania to execute the Julius Nyerere Hydropower Project. This national mega project will secure clean power supply to more than 60 million Tanzanians.

Julius Nyerere 2115 MW Hydropower Project

  • $2.9 billion contract
  • 6,307 GWh annual generation
  • 36 months from start to completion

EPC scope of works includes the main dam, saddle dam, coffer dams, diversion tunnels, stop logs and gates, trash racks, administration and workshop buildings, colony, intake structure, power house, cranes, spillways, roads, Rufiji bridge, control building, switchyard, surge tanks, hydro turbines with auxiliaries, generators with auxiliaries, main control valves, power tunnels, transmission lines and firefighting system.

With the wet season and rain, plywood proved to be very ineffective, and the best type of plywood wouldn’t last more than 8 casts. Acrow A-Board provided the smart solution incorporated with Acrow Tech-Form Panels. The 19mm Boards were used in several locations to cast column walls, and other vertical construction elements. The concrete finish was exemplary, so smooth, and fair, due to the water impermeability of Acrow Board. Furthermore, the boards proved able to undergo 8 casts with no sign of deterioration or damage.

In appreciation of the product, the contractor purchased additional quantities that will be used in the cantilever carriage system that will be used in the Bridge.The product was delivered cut to length and color coded to facilitate the process of onsite use and to be ready for installation.

Osman A. Osman & Co., Elsewedy Electric
Product Used :
19mm special size for Tech forms System & 18mm cut to length as per the dimensions fitting in the cantilever carriage
Approximate number of casts used for the 19mm Tech panels:
8 Casts as of July 2021
Waste percentage up to date:
Waste per cast:

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