Rivan Compound

Located in Egypt's new administrative capital, in the new heart of the emerging capital of the Middle East is Rivan residential compound.

Positioned over the highest hill in the capital overlooking the Central Park lies the service apartments of the compound, covering 17 Acres of prime land.

M&M Contractors was awarded the challenging contract to execute the concrete works, within a tight budget and a demand for quality.

Repetitive works in retaining walls and columns using traditional timber systems proved to be slow, costly, and didn’t achieve the required quality. Acrow boards, the smart and economical alternative for wood, provided superb quality for the concrete structural elements in the project.

M&M Contractors
Type of product provided:
FLEXA 18mm Standard Size, and A-BOARD 18mm standard size.
Approximate number of casts used as of July 2021 is:
25 Casts
Waste percentage to date:
Waste per cast:

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